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2023 New Year Survey Results


A big thank you to our whole community for following along with us last year.  It was a big leap to transition away from Face Masks and successfully complete a location chance.


Winter is our time for reflection, reorganization, and growth.  Every year, I walk my team through a series of direction exercises to decide what to prioritize and try in the year ahead.  We filter through everything we offer, all of the ideas we're juggling around, and all of the comments we've received while seeing how they align with our Mission and Values.  This year I decided to add a community input survey to the process.  


Thank you so much to everyone who heard the call and took the time to give us your thoughts - we appreciate you.  Your thoughtful comments melted our hearts and renewed our energy for the year ahead ♥



Our Top 5 Take-Aways

1) We have decided to end our membership with 1% for the Planet as an environmentally oriented donation gateway and instead focus all of our 1% giving directly into our community. I want to be clear - community giving is still 100% a priority for AdventureUs, we're making this move to have more flexibility in our giving options. *Stay tuned for an update to our Missions and Values page*


2) Increase our in-person event opportunities by offering limited classes, showing up to community events, and adding on a NEW CheqBay Repair Day on the third Saturday in May.  We're inviting the community to bring over their beloved items in need of TLC for a day of DIY lessons, easy fixes, and fun. More info to come!  We also plan on leveling up to short personal videos to introduce you to our DIY products more closely.


3) Local and regional goods will continue to dominate our gift store, especially as we continue to add to our AdventureUs brand collection. With quality as a focus, we'll introduce new fun and functional products starting with "Accessories - fun bags, totes, aprons, home goods" and "Coffee accessories to compliment our in-house roasted Full Keel Coffee."


4) Our new additions to our brand will include trials of Zero-waste home products, Paw Booties, and Swim Shirts and Shorts (yes, we're being a bit optimistic here, lol).  We're also excited to start dabbling in one-of-a-kind pieces constructed from repurposed quilts and wool blankets.


5) Our sewing department continues to be a hot topic.  We'll continue with our plan for February Sewing Classes starting with beginner and skill building.  Stay tuned as we get some of our fabulous flannels, fun fleeces, and beginner patterns on the sales floor.


And lastly, we'll strongly consider Mukluk Sole Repair (we do already offer lacing and fabric restoration) along with becoming a winter CSA pick-up location.


Thank you again to everyone for making our business a continued success!
♥Amy Trimbo, Owner

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