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Celebrate World Snow Day 2023 with Snow Sleeves™!

World Snow Day Sale Save 20% on Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters
“Enjoy, experience, and explore” is the motto for World Snow Day. If you plan to get outside with your family, make sure you’re prepared for the cold!

At AdventureUs, we are celebrating World Snow Day by going outside with our families, bundled up and ready to play all day with the help of our flagship product - Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters! This year has been incredibly snowy, so we are ready to celebrate snow with warm wrists.

Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters were designed and created by AdventureUs owner, inventor, and Northwoods mother, Amy Trimbo. Click the link here to learn how Amy came up with the idea for Snow Sleeves™ through her own life experiences and adventures in parenting up north.

Anybody that has lived or grew up in a snowy climate can relate to the feeling of despair when cold wind and snow creeps between your gloves and jacket. It is a relief to have a product available that can keep kids playing outside longer, happier, and more comfortably. They even help prevent lost mittens by keeping them snuggly attached to jacket sleeves.
Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters are keep kids comfortable and warm as they happily play in the snow.
When the “World Snow Day” campaign was launched, the vision was clear: get children participating in winter/snow activities, educate children about snow safety, the health benefits of physical activity, and the environment.

As caretakers, it is important to do our best to keep the children having fun outside, so everyone remains happy! Check out our blog from last year that highlights 10 reasons why we love Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters and why parents, grandparents and daycares are raving about these handy wrist sleeves.

Let’s not kid ourselves, cold wrists are no fun for adults, either! The one size fits all design also works for adults. Whether you are shoveling, skiing, snowshoeing, or simply walking the dog, you can slip on a pair of soft Snow Sleeves™ and cure your cold wrists. These wrist gaiters also double as soft, comfortable fingerless gloves!
Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters worn by adults shoveling and skiing and they come in many different colors and styles.

Check out our selection of over 35 designs and colors of Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters. When you buy 3+ pairs online, shipping is free! Purchase 10 or more pairs and enjoy 10% your purchase year round!

We are having our biggest sale of the year to celebrate World Snow Day - 20% off Snow Sleeves™ Wrist Gaiters.

Stop in our store or shop online!

The discount will automatically be applied to your cart from Thursday, through Sunday.

You can feel good when you support our small business. Every purchase you make with us gives back to the environment. AdventureUs is a proud %1 for the Planet member and gives back to other organizations that share our environmental values.

We hope you have a fun winter and get outside for World Snow Day!

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