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Our Top 5 Easy Eco Habits

Top 5 Easy Eco Habits

Here's our AdventureUs Top 5 Easy Eco Habits

 1: Thrift - Reuse - Buy Used

This pretty much covers the first three Rs of the old mantra Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.  First, reduce your consumption.  If you don't have to buy it new, don't.  All of our actions have consequences. Demand creates supply and most supply chains are not environmentally friendly.

Ask and you shall receive - Social networks make it easy to put a shout out for what you need.  It also makes a great place to post the things you're looking to pass on.  Owner Amy Trimbo sources most of the gear for her three kids this way.

 And when you can't get it as a hand-me-down or you can't find someone in your circle to pass it on to...thrift on! (Unless it's actually garbage, 'cause no one wants to throw out your moldy t-shirt for you).  You'll be amazed at the treasures you can find at your community thrift stores.  We've scored Eddie Bauer puffer jackets, the perfect Maurice's stretchy jeans, and...shhh....quite a few Christmas presents.  

We also challenge you to take a stroll through the aisles with your eyes on upcycling.  Sometimes a jacket is just a jacket and sometimes it's your new vest!  Embroidered logos can be covered up with sewn on patches of that gorgeous fat quarter of fabric you just bought.  Zippers can be installed in hoodies.  Pants can be hemmed.  Sleeves can be taken off.  The sky is the limit!

 You'll never want if you can be creative with thrifted items.

2: Mend - Repair - Alter

Mending has a special place in our hearts.  It combines our passion for sewing with our values of taking care of the garments we love.  Most holes, tears and broken bits can be fixed with equal doses of creativity and confidence.  

For inspirations, check out these these fun  hashtags: #RepairCulture #VisibleMending #MendIt

As a business we offer sewing, mending and alteration services on all sorts of garments from heavy duty work and winter gear to delicate puffy jackets.  While we love all sorts of sewing, we specialize in zipper replacements.  Have a question? Don't hesitate to reach out to

We're also excited to offer a variety of DIY supplies.  We hope you stay tuned as we launch more do-it-yourself tutorials.

Click HERE to check out our Mending Supplies

Don't miss our tutorials  -  See what we're sewing on Instagram 

Mend, repair and alter your clothes to keep them lasting years.


3: Buy Smart

We all like to buy new things now and again, so let's be smart with our purchases.  Money is power.  The power to support the businesses you care about and the power to support the values they uphold.

Most companies donate to various organizations, so research who you're buying from.  AdventureUs is a business member of 1% for the Planet; an organization that helps unite businesses in supporting environmental causes.  We use our giveback to support our local organization Superior River's Watershed Association to help protect our Great Lake Superior that we love so much.

Pay attention to where how your things are made.  How far away was it made? Buy local isn't just a convenient slogan, it invests in your community and reduces your carbon footprint.

Pay attention to how your things are made. Do they use recycled or organic materials? Was it designed with repair in mind or planned obsolescence?

A word about zippers- Zippers are often the first thing to break on a new jacket or piece of technical gear.  This makes sense; they're often made of plastic and get the most wear & tear.  Do yourself a favor and look for YKK brand zippers and sizes over #3 (the back of the slider or bottom boxing is usually marked with the size).  In our experience #3 tiny coil zippers are the first to go.


4: Pick Up Trash

We've all walked past that beer can in the parking lot or, these days, the used face mask.  Sometimes I don't have a pocket or a bag to store the garbage in, but I usually have a free hand. 

Let's get over the yuck factor and clean up where we walk.  Better yet, go someplace new with an empty garbage bag with the intention of leaving it better than you found it.


5: Go Outside

"Let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.” -David Sobel

 It's easy to get on your high horse about what you think people should do to save our our planet, but the truth is, no one will act unless they care first. 

So let's spread our love of the outdoors and invite others on our adventures.

 Go outside to together.

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