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ZippyCool Zipper Cleaning Fluid & Lubricating Wax System

ZippyCool Zipper Cleaning Fluid & Lubricating Wax System

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Zippy Cool™ Kit will help to extend the life of zipper teeth. Specially formulated, the Zippy Cool Cleaning and Lubricating System will effectively clean and lubricate all types of metal, coil and plastic zippers. This system comes with a cleaning fluid to remove harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits and a wax lubricating stick. Great for marine zippers!

Kit Contains:
2 oz. Zippy Cool Fluid
0.5 oz. Zippy Cool Stick

To Use: First, clean the zipper of any big debris such as sand or mud. Then apply the Zippy Cool Cleaning Fluid to both the inside and outside of the zipper teeth and rinse with fresh water. Next, take your Zippy Cool Lubricating Stick and apply to zipper teeth sparingly. Close the zipper carefully and unzip to distribute the lubricant. Continue this process until zipper moves freely.