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Get to Know the Faces Behind AdventureUs

Get to know the people behind the AdventureUs team and how we all got started sewing.
The joy of working here is that no two days are exactly the same. We always have new sewing projects coming in and out of the door, whether it's with outdoor gear repair or the products we make and sell. This is what makes sewing an adventure for our staff! While we feel confident in our abilities to take on (almost) any project, it took a lot of time and practice to get where we are now and we still continue to grow.  Learning to sew useful items for yourself and mending clothes already in your closet can be an excursion into sustainability and self-confidence. We'd love to be a part of this journey with you!
Learning takes time, keep reading to hear how our staff got started on their sewing journeys!


Amy Trimbo, Owner & Sewist 

Amy Trimbo smiling under her Blue Medallions Mask


While one of my earliest memories is on my Mom's lap at her sewing machine, I really began sewing in high school with my Grandma Tina.  She helped me make a pair of wide leg blue leopard-print fleece rave pants (yes, you read that right).  While I was proud as all hell, it wasn’t until 10 years later that my friend (and now co-worker) Audrey encouraged me to take a quilting class so that I could join in on her February sewing retreat on the North Shore.  And I haven’t stopped sewing since.  I love sewing to create usefulness whether it’s a quilt, clothing or mending items to keep them going.  I started this business after I invented Snow Sleeves so that I could sew professionally and continue to grow. I am excited to build my skills at patterning for outdoor wear like thermal layers and bags.

 Three pictures next to each other, Amy's Quit, Amy unmasked smiling next to her sewing machine, and a top and bottoms set that Amy mended.


Audrey Weaver, Production & Customer Experience

Audrey smiling under a Llama mask holding a sewing tool holder


I began making quilts in 2006 out of a desire to connect with the women on my mom’s side of the family. They had been sewing together for decades when my aunt Rosemarie invited me to join them on their annual retreat. Over the course of a long weekend she taught me (with her trademark patience) exactly what it takes to make a quilt. My absolute favorite sewing projects are baby quilts for friends’ and family’s newest additions. I would love to grow my sewing skills by learning to make my own jeans in fun colors.

 One of Audrey's favorite quilts, a picture of Audrey unmasked smiling outside, and a quilted bee wall hanging


Frances Seefeldt, Repair Wizard 

Fran smiling in her Unicorns in Space Mask working on mending a customer's jacket


The first thing I remember sewing is a pillow. A small, scrap pillow that I did by hand. I was probably about 7. I was so excited to start stuffing it! I was so proud to have made something functional! I loved that flat fabric could be made into anything. Both of my grandmothers sewed. One had garment making knowledge and the other was a skilled quilter. They both walked me through the basics, stitch types, reading patterns, and gifted me plenty of fabric. When I was 12 my mom gave me my first sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I have always loved to sew clothes. I started by copying a pair of pajama pants and over the years I have altered a few pants, skirts, and shirts. I even made my own wedding dress! I am excited to continue to mend and make my own clothes. And I think I am now ready to take on a simple quilt!


Fran in her homemade wedding dress, Fran smiling unmasked outside, and some couch cushions Fran recently sewed. 

Anna Marhefke, Northland College Intern

Intern Anna smiling in her Purple Floral Face Mask


When I was in high school, I remember wanting to sew my own pants. I dug out my Mom’s sewing machine that she got from her Mom, dusted it off, and turned to the internet to help me learn some skills I needed to sew. After trying to sew pants, I found that I needed to take a break and start sewing some smaller and easier things first. Throughout high school I would sew on and off, but it wasn’t until my time at Northland College that I really got into sewing. Since then, I have sewed some simpler things such as zipper pouches and bucket hats, but have just recently graduated to sewing my own clothes. I have sewn overalls. (I followed the wonderful Helen’s Closet Yanta Overalls Pattern! It was a great pattern to use to get into garment making.) I also just (finally) finished sewing my first pair of pants after all these years! I decided to use the AllWellWorkshop Studio Pants Pattern. It was affordable and came with great instructions on how to “hack” the pattern to make it fit to my body, because we all deserve clothes that fit well! If you can’t find clothes from stores that fit well, you can always make them yourself! I am hoping to continue practicing my skills with garments by learning how to mend and alter the clothes I already have in my closet!


3 photo collage. Anna in the pants she sewed, Anna smiling in a patchwork bucket hat she made, and Anna in her Green overalls.


Sewing has brought so much joy to us and we know that it can do the same for you! We all started with different projects and passions. And we are all at different places in our sewing careers, but that just means we learn so much from one another everyday. Sewing is great to do by yourself, with friends, and  an even better way to make new friends! This is just one of the many reasons we love working and sewing together as a team and are excited to start teaching and learning with you all!  


Our favorite sewing euphemisms.


If you are wanting to learn to sew, mend, or repair any of your gear, we are here to help you! We can't promise that it will always be easy or mistakes won’t be made. (This is why we always recommend having a seam ripper nearby to rip those mistakes out and start over!) We know how intimidating it is to look over all the sewing accessories you might need to get started, so we have created beginner’s Sewing and Mending Kits that have pretty much everything you need to start sewing by hand. If you are interested in learning to machine sew, please reach out and we would be happy to answer some questions for you (or better yet, sign up for our emails to find out when our first classes will be held!).

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We already offer lots of great tools and materials for you to get started! These are all tools and kits that we love and use ourselves, so we highly recommend them all. Check out our favorite Sewing Supplies to start your adventure today!

Three images: AdventureUs Sewing Kit, National Parks Fabric Pillow Kit, and Lake Superior Sew on Patch

From left to right: AdventureUs Sewing Kit - National Parks Fabric Travel Pillow Kit - Lake Superior Sew On Patch


  • No website in a long time has made me as happy as this one! I’m feeling lucky that you are local to my area.

    Beth Gehred
  • No website in a long time has made me as happy as this one. I’m feeling lucky that you are a local store for me.

    Beth Gehred
  • Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories. Giving us a peek into the fabulously unique personalities and beginnings of AdventureUs makes me feel like part of a family. What a wonderful gift, especially now. Thank you.


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