FREE Shipping over $75 or Flat Rate $5.95 - Canadian Flat Rate $18 *Excluding Sewing Services*

Rip and Stitch Sewing Company, a division of AdventureUs, is devoted to zipper repair and garment restoration services in an effort to promote our environmental values of repair, reduce, reuse, recycle. 

    Custom Sewing

  • Drapery - alterations and new
  • Upholstered Cushions and Throw Pillows
  • Custom Sheets and Quilts
  • B2B customized bulk products
  • Canvas Repair - Patching, Heavy Duty Sewing, Zippers


  • Jackets: winter, puffy, rain, leather, bike, ski, heavy duty
  • Pants: snowpants, rainpants, athetic, jeans, heavyduty
  • Winter Layers
  • Everyday mending: no underware or thermal layers please


  • Tents and Covers - no frames please
  • Purses, Bags, Hiking Backpacks
  • Soft-sided luggage
  • Sleeping Bags

Zipper repair

  • Sliders $15-20
  • Replacements ~$40-70
  • Boots, Tents, Bags ~$45-70
  • Heavy Duty Zippers ~$35 and up
  • Snow Gear & Leather

Garment Restoration

  • Hems ~$20
  • Patching ~$15 and up
  • Jacket Liners ~$200 and up
  • Snaps & Buttons ~$15 and up
  • Hardware & Trim ~$15 and up

Canvas Repairs

  • Snaps and Grommets
  • Patching
  • Webbing & Elastic
  • Clear Vinyl Replacement
  • Heavy Duty Sewing

Our shop minimum is $15 per item with current labor rate of $65/hr and $75/hr for large canvas and custom
fabrications. Please see our Service Guides above for estimates of common repairs.

By law, and with respect to our team, all items dropped off or sent in must be clean.

Repair Drop Offs - Washburn, Wisconsin

Drop off items are welcome at the upper level of AdventureUs located in downtown Washburn, Wisconsin during posted open store hours.


Repairs by Mail

We recieve repairs weekly from throughout the US and are happy to help you from afar. 
Please include an Intake Form for each item and we'll get in touch shortly after it arrives at our sewing studio.


PO Bo 64
Washburn, WI 54891

UPS or FedEx

101 W Bayfield St
Washburn, WI 54891