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Mission and Values


Inspiring friends & family to get outside together.

We aim to do this through quality adventure accessories and building a positive, inclusive community who share the love of the outdoors.


Our Values

We are committed to fostering a company culture and brand that is rooted in environmental stewardship, learning, building communities, and quality.

We source eco-friendly packaging materials through EcoEnclose and textiles whenever possible.


About Us

Established by owner Amy Trimbo in 2018, she started with a vision to make quality products that aided in getting outside with her children.  Her love of sewing lead her to invent Snow Sleeve Wrist Gaiters and launch a sewing service business centered around outdoor garment restoration.  

AdventureUs is now a brand, resource, and retailer dedicated to environmentally thoughtful products and materials.

We're located in Washburn, Wisconsin on the edge of Lake Superior. Our Bayfield Street location has a walk-in storefront for outdoor apparel repair drop-offs, DIY supplies, adventure gear, and highlights the products we make in our sewing studio.


Storytelling and Community Vision

Through our common love of the outdoors, we want to take our community on a journey into environmentally focused retail, textiles, and the ethics of repair.


Whenever making business decisions, the environmental effects are always in conversation. We source eco-friendly materials when possible. We are focused on thinking about the long-term effects of our choices in regards to the textiles we purchase to sew our own products, the items we source in our retail store, and how we repair your gear to make sure it will last a long time.

We started as 1% for the Planet Member from 2019-2022, giving 1% of our gross sales back to environmental organizations focused on protecting our resources. Our contributions go to our local group Superior Rivers Watershed Association whose mission is to promote and protect clean water resources in Wisconsin's Lake Superior basin.

While we are continuing forward with our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we are parting ways with 1% for the Planet to allow our donation dollars to stay even more localized.

Our donations to Superior Rivers Watershed Association contributes to their mission to promote and protect clean water resources in Wisconsin’s Lake Superior basin.


We are here to teach and empower our community to go on adventures. We offer sewing classes to demonstrate the importance of mending and sewing items for yourself. Repair of the items you already own is important to us. We have created an approachable and fun space that is dedicated to helping you through the challenges you may face on your journey with sewing, mending, making, and environmental stewardship. 


We believe that the relationships that can form around sewing, mending, and gear repair are important to the sustainability of this community. We have experienced the beauty of these connections and want to further expand it. We do this through the products we make here in our Midwest sewing studio, the outdoor gear we mend, and our curated outdoor family inclusive retail shop. We are here as a resource to answer questions about repair, do repairs for you, and foster creativity within our community to make the items in our life last longer!


We value sourcing, creating, and selling products that are of high quality and ethically made. When items are made better or repaired well the first time, they will last longer. We prioritize materials and products that reflect our values of sustainability and community. Keeping this as the focus ensures that we can inspire all of our friends and family to take on their next journey, whatever that may look like for them.