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Snow Sleeves- A modern invention story

Trimbo Family
Hi there!  I’m Amy, a mother of three kids in Northern Wisconsin.  My love of the outdoors, adventuring as a family, and sewing led me to create a handy wrist gaiter that fits easily over gloves and jacket sleeves to keep the snow and cold off sensitive wrists, and keeps gloves on even the littlest hands.
My product started out over ten years ago when I simply cut thumb holes into the tops of socks.  Over the years, as I played outside with more kids and my sewing skills increased, I began experimenting with different types of fabrics and the overall design. 
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In 2018, I launched Snow Sleeves to our wider community, and they’ve made a world of difference in keeping everyone happy and playing longer in the cold.   We even have our preliminary Trademark!
 Washburn Early Learning Center
Today, Snow Sleeves are made from stretchy swimsuit style fabric in a simple construction that just plain works.  Plus, they come in over a dozen fun prints so there’s something for everyone to get excited about wearing. 
They are one size fits all from toddlers to dads- and can be thrown in the wash for easy care.  The no-hassle construction means that there’s no pesky Velcro to get stuck to other things, come apart, or stop working.  And there are no cinches or straps to flap around. 
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Don’t be surprised, parents, if you find yourself stealing them to use as fingerless gloves!
 Fingerless Gloves
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Amy Trimbo, Owner

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