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10 Reasons to LOVE Snow Sleeves Wrist Gaiters

Snow Sleeves Wrist Gaiters are sure to change your winter fun!

Inventing a new product presents some real challenges. You'd think those challenges would be mostly centered around the physical creation of the product, and you'd be partly right, but there's much more to it.

Amy came up with the idea for Snow Sleeves 10 years ago when her first child was just a wee tot (read more about how Snow Sleeves came to be here). Since then they have been through countless iterations to arrive at what you can buy today.

"But why do I need Snow Sleeves?" you may wonder. After all, kids, parents and childcare workers have gone this long without them. The thing about a brand new product is that you don't know how it can change your life until you've tried it!

Now, I'm not going to cram a sleazy sales pitch in your face...that's not who we are or what AdventureUs is all about as a company. 


Here is our comprehensive list of...

10 Reasons to LOVE Snow Sleeves Wrist Gaiters

Ten Reasons to Love Snow Sleeves

  1. One Size Fits All - Yup, we really mean ALL, from toddlers to grown ups. This means that if you buy one pair for your one-year-old it will still fit next winter (and the one after that, and the one after that, you get the idea)!
  2. Great for Every Age - They keep all wrists cozy warm, regardless of age.
  3. Machine Wash & Dry - This is a product that's made to be used, so shouldn't you be able to just toss it in the washer and dryer?! YES!
  4. Midwest Made - We are so proud to make Snow Sleeves right here where we live with our own families.
  5. Pull-On Design - No pesky snaps, velcro, elastic, or toggles.
  6. Eco-Friendly Fabric - USA-milled and dyed fabric using production methods that conserve natural resources.
  7. Fun Prints - We've got a pair for every taste, including unicorns, mermaids, sloths, foxes, construction vehicles, monsters and many more. Plus geometric prints and solid colors if you prefer to match with your existing winter outerwear. Check them all out here.
  8. Keep Gloves & Mittens ON - No more tears and tantrums when the kid in your life is digging with enthusiasm in that big ol' snow drift!
  9. Keep Snow OUT - Say goodbye to raw, painful wrists because with Snow Sleeves the snow can't get packed in the gap between mitten and jacket cuff.
  10. Fingerless Gloves- Adults can use them as fingerless gloves to add style and extra warmth to your layering system.

We hope that our list helps you understand why we are so passionate about getting Snow Sleeves out in the world. It is our sincere belief that once you try them you'll agree...Snow Sleeves make time outdoors even better.

10 Reasons to LOVE Snow Sleeves Wrist Gaiters

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